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PleurX Catheter Placement for Ascites of Pleural Effusion

Ascites is an excess amount of fluid that builds up in the abdomen.  A pleural effusion is excess fluid that accumulates around the lung.  Often, this fluid can simply be removed with an ultrasound guided paracentesis or thoracentesis.  If the fluid build up is recurrent, however, it may be time to place an indwelling catheter to allow fluid to be removed more frequently in the home or hospice setting.  One brand name of catheter is PleurX, which is a long, flexible catheter. One end of the catheter is placed into the fluid collection. The other end exits the skin surface after tunnelling under the skin for a short distance.  When fluid needs to be removed, the exposed surface is attached to a drainage bottle and withdrawn.  Placing a PleurX catheter is generally very safe.  Moderate sedation is often used to make the patient comfortable during the procedure.  Do inform your physician if you are on blood thinners, as these may need to be discontinued prior to the procedure.  To learn more about PleurX, visit their website at http://www.carefusion.com

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