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Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

US-Guided Procedures are an excellent, minimally invasive alternative to surgery. Common procedures using US guidance include biopsies of superficial lesions, such as thyroid lesions, axillary or groin lymph nodes, or even internal organs such as medical liver biopsies. Ultrasound is also used for catheter insertion into fluid collections in the abdomen or pleural space around the lung. One thing all these have in common is the use of the US scanner to guide the Radiologist or Radiology Provider directly into the area targeted. Best of all, there is NO radiation involved! Ultrasound-guided BIOPSIES use a small, hollow needle to sample lesions and obtain cores of tissue for diagnosis. DRAINS are catheters that are inserted into fluid collections, such as abdominal ascites, or pleural effusions to remove fluid. US-Guided procedures are generally very safe and quick (under one hour in most cases), and can usually be performed with minimal discomfort using just local anesthetic.

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